Zollanlage ZC3

Castasegna - 2000

Zollanlage ZC3


Competition 1st place

In post-war Western European civilisation, border customs have been reduced to simple passages that cannot indicate the split of identity between one state and the other. Switzerland, however, evades this process; not only because it is not part of the EU, though it has decided to sign the Schengen pact, but also because in its history the term "customs" has never - or almost never - had an oppressive meaning. Rather, customs here became the model and display of the Swiss way of conceiving life: free and regulated. These are the ideological traits that can be discerned in the facility. The modular building is divided into a structure made of a sequence of six metal spans - each consisting of two pillars and a connecting beam. Above this framework, a network of trusses anchors a slender and undulated - also made of metal - wing-shaped covering: a light sign that conveys a sense of freedom and life. In the covered volume there are offices and customs services, which occupies about a third of it. The structure is clad with thin wooden staves pre-assembled from panels and painted red (a colour of the Confederation). An extremely simple, clear, light, anti-rhetorical and anti-decorative building: it is quite exemplary of Swiss, architectural and ideological rationalism. Mind you, this reflection is not far-fetched at all: in fact, the customs office is not a building "for ever" that takes for granted the eternal idea of customs; should this idea no longer be current, the structure can easily be dismantled and rebuilt somewhere else for another purpose for public benefit.


Workplace | Competition






Bergell, Switzerland


Transport Competition

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