Technoparc Las Serlas GFS

S’Chanf - 2011

Technoparc Las Serlas GFS


The commercial zone on the edge of S'Chanf is characterised by loosely placed industrial buildings that fulfil their functional purpose but unfortunately often fail to convince architecturally. This fabric zone, as well as many others that are mostly located in front of the village entrance, are not a worthy entrance portal for the Engadine mountain villages.

In this project, It has been made an attempt to fulfil the requirements of a commercial building with a partially prefabricated building structure, following the "Punto Bregaglia" construction already developed in Vicosoprano. The shape of the Technoparc was created by the restrictive conditions imposed by the civil engineering office with regard to the road sight line, in the area where the main street joins the bypass road, as well as the plot area. 

To achieve the greatest possible flexibility, the load-bearing walls were reduced to the outer walls and the inner concrete core of the climbing hall. Since no transverse internal walls were to be statically loaded, the stiffening of the building was designed outside as St. Andrew's crosses.

The building was built as a “Minergie” construction, with a largely self-sufficient and Co2-neutral energy supply. The water tank on the flat roof of the basement, in front of the main façade of the building, serves as a natural cooling system for the rooms in summer. In winter, the ice rink is used for ice skating.

A new type of meeting platform for work, leisure, sport, health and "public functions" has been developed, which meets the specific needs of modern life in a high mountain region.








Engadin, Switzerland


Multifunctional centre

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