Centro Sanitario Bregaglia CSB

Promontogno - 2022

Centro Sanitario Bregaglia CSB


Competition new extension by selective process, 3rd place

In collaboration with Schmid Schärer Architekten (Zürich) and De Molfetta Strode (Lugano)

The Centro Sanitario's plot of land is limited, and the current balance between the dense interior and extensive surrounding open space risks being disrupted by the proposed expansion. Rather than a solitary structure, the proposal suggests a mostly ground-floor structure that utilises the existing open hall and is accessed from the entrance courtyard. The majority of the new building's volume is developed  into the slope and only the physiotherapy area is out of the ground as a two-story pavilion structure. This arrangement establishes the new building's hierarchical order:  clearly subordinate to the existing structures. The outdoor area in front of the current cafe remains free, a  rear facade is added as well as a  terrace for physiotherapy  on the first floor.


Healthcare | Competition




Not built


Bergell, Switzerland


Old people's centre and hospital Competition

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