Pflegezentrum Promulins Oberengadin PM

Samedan - 2018/2025

Pflegezentrum Promulins Oberengadin PM


Competition 1st place

In collaboration with Schmid Schärer Architekten

A modern and open care centre is planned to be built in the Promulins location in Samedan, designed as a service centre with 60 beds for elderly care. The future residents should be able to spend their twilight years in a central location close to their previous surroundings.

The  concept aims to cover all needs related to care, support, and companionship in a professional and resource-oriented way. In addition, shared spaces and manageable structures should contribute to a cosy and homely atmosphere.

The design expands the existing care centre facility in Promulins with a second, externally related building, thereby creating an ensemble and a distinctive presence in the heterogeneous environment of Via Suot Staziun.  Regarding urban planning, the idea consists of creating  diverse outdoor spaces.. The settlement creates a village-like forecourt that serves as the entrance to the facility and unites the buildings' access. The distance to the vocational school ensures the necessary intimacy for the nursing rooms. On  the  southeast  side of the plot there is  a spacious, park-like outdoor space which ties together the old and new buildings and represents a significant value for the facility. The two facilities are also physically connected by a garden hall. The architecture of the project corresponds to the Engadin's traditional townhouses and the historical hotel buildings of the region. The mural expression of the plastered masonry connects the two building bodies and creates the effect of an ensemble. Instead of highlighting the internal structure, the homogeneous facades are articulated by slight shifts in the window axes.


Healthcare | Competition




In progress


Engadin, Switzerland


Old people’s centre Competition

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