Hotel GuardaVal HGS

Scuol - 2009

Hotel GuardaVal HGS


In May 2009, after 8 months of renovations, the new boutique hotel GuardaVal reopened its doors to the guests. From the outside, it resembles a typical Engadine house, with a long structure, thick walls, striking windows and wide doors. However, on the south side, large high windows provide a magnificent view of the Engadine Mountains, and on the west side, unusually airy balconies offer a view far into the valley.

The GuardaVal is characterised by two different houses, one dating back to the 17th and the other to the 19th century. The GuardaVal is therefore not a typical Engadine house. It has undergone major and minor changes over the years, transforming from a farmhouse into a hotel. 

Following the request of the hotel's owners, the studio has refurbished the GuardaVal transforming it into a boutique hotel. It has been made a gentle renovation bringing a homogeneous and consistent style throughout the structure. 

The team has developed different approaches in the two parts of the house. In the Chasa Guardaval, unnecessary components were removed and more consistency was brought to the rooms. In the Chasa Döss, on the other hand, an attempt has been made to preserve as much of the existing structure as possible to highlight the old building components.

Some antiques found their place in the Chasa Döss. The furnishings are limited to functional, high quality and practical pieces that have clear lines and do not interfere with the old structure.

Thus, the boutique hotel GuardaVal results in an environment flooded with light and fresh air, which lets guests regenerate, relax and feel good.








Engadin, Switzerland


Hotel refurbishment

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