Steinhaus HGM

Maloja - 2023

Steinhaus HGM



This house is located in Maloja on the border with the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, just after   the Maloja Pass, a Swiss Alpine pass situated at an elevation of 1812.00 meters above sea level, connecting the Bergell region with the Engadin.

The building is conceived as a structure with three units, where the architecture is tailored to the needs of the residents.

The fan-shaped structure creates privacy and provides different views of the surrounding nature, whose unique qualities are equally integrated into the interior of the building. The oversized glass openings frame the respective landscapes, making each room unique.

The aim of this particular shape was also to preserve the natural conformation of the slope as much as possible.

 The residential building, designed as solid construction, is clad with local quarry stones in a double-shell masonry. The old traditional construction method is an important element of the design, referencing the natural environment, tradition, and the weather-related variability of materials. The stones, broken out of the quarry, were laid without extensive processing, and the joints are roughly mortared with lime mortar—a traditional craftsmanship technique frequently used in the region.

The stone house is designed as a single-family home with an additional apartment. The living and dining rooms of both units are oriented towards the south/west. Additionally, a generous, weather-protected terrace is situated in front of the living and dining areas, offering significant use, particularly during the summer months.

The energetically optimized residential building is heated with a heat pump using ground probes.








Bergell, Switzerland


Double family house

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