Stallumbau Orden SOM

Orden -Maloja - 1994

Stallumbau Orden SOM


In Orden, a small settlement near Maloja, we converted a typical pillar barn into a residential building. The historical use  defined the basic structure. The first floor of the building was used as a cattle shed. The surrounding walls are brick-built and windproof. The barn above it reaches the roof and is permeable to air so that the stored hay could dry well.

The concept of the conversion was to retain the basic structure and the clear legibility of the former functions as a utility building but also to make the new use legible as a residential building with a simple wooden façade element. It has been attached to the south façade and it joints the house entrance on the first floor with the window front of the living room and thebedroom on the upper floors.








Bergell, Switzerland


Single family house

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